Flanigan Bilt Putters are tailored and designed classic putters that have a tremendous feel– from a four inch putt, to a forty foot putt. Our putters use high quality steels and exacting measurements to place the center of gravity in an optimal place on the face of the putter. This provides forgiveness and feel for the highest MOI (moment of inertia) for that particular style of putter, yet keeps the classic and clean look of any putter in the industry.

We also offer a range of services, from club refinishing to putter fittings and lessons. Flanigan Bilt Putters is also the only mobile SAM PUTTLAB (Science and Motion) in the State of Ohio. The Science and Motion (SAM) is an Ultra Sound Technology that analyzes 24 parameters of your putting stroke and is used widely on the PGA Tour.

Here's why you miss putts with your current putter

We researched and tested many of the top-selling putters on the market today. We found that a number of manufacturers’ sightlines (or dots) were not on the center of gravity of the putter.

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