Here’s why you miss putts with your current putter

Is your current putter letting you down? You may be a better putter than you think.

We researched and tested many of the top-selling putters on the market today. These putters range from the high price ($350) to the lower price ($49.00).

After testing various putters we were both surprised and disheartened by the results. We found that a number of manufacturers’ sightlines (or dots) were not on the center of gravity of the putter. Often times the sightlines were on the geographic centerline but the center of gravity for the putter was closer to the heel. The result? Putters that look great but have inconsistent feel and performance. Beyond problems with the center of gravity being off on the horizontal axis, we also found that many putters had centers of gravity that were off on the vertical axis as well.

Sightlines provide essential visual feedback by serving as the visual cue for your impact target. You can hit your putter on the sightline every time but have inconsistent rolls because the sightline and center of gravity are in two different places. Which will cause inconsistent contact that incorporates twisting of the blade and less than 100% transfer of energy.

All Flanigan Bilt Putters sight indicators (lines or dots) are at the Center of Gravity (CG) – where the ball responds with optimal feel and truest roll. They provide the visual cue you need with the tactile response your need to build consistency in both your stroke and roll of the ball.

Five-time British Open Champion J.H. Taylor was quoted in his book Taylor on Golf, “Putting in short is so different than any other branch of the game that a good putter may be said to be born, not made.”

I disagree. I believe good putters are made not born, but in order to become a great putter you need to have the right putter that suits your stroke type, is properly fitted to you, provides accurate feedback, and inspires confidence at address. Confidence comes from that connection of vision and feel and knowing that if you do your job (hitting your putter on the sightline) then the putter will do its job (put a true, consistent roll on the ball).

Take the Center of Gravity challenge by hitting putts on different points of the face of your putter. If it feels better when you hit it somewhere other than the sightline, then its time for you to find a new putter and stop robbing yourself of vital feel and feedback. We’d love to hear your results so let us know via Facebook or Twitter of gravity. Please don’t disparage any putters by name as we are only interested in the results.

Facebook Contest

Flanigan Bilt Putters RULES:

WIN this 343 prototype 1 of 1 Flanigan Bilt putter. CONTEST RULES: The contest starts August 11, 2012 and ends September 11, 2012 at midnight. We need to reach at minium of 1000 likes for the putter to be won. Entering the contest is simple: All you need to do is go to our face book Flanigan Bilt find photos and click on the “like” button and this enters your number into the contest. We will use randomizer to pick the number. Every one is welcome, (NOTE: IF SOMEONE OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES WINS will have to provide payment for SHIPPING), so tell your freinds and acquaintances about the contest. You also may visit our web site for more information on this contest. This will be posted August 11, 2012 on the top page in news & media.


Flanigan Bilt Putters is giving away a one of a kind experimental prototype putter. This putter is milled from Carbon steel and the neck is made of stainless steel. The putter comes with a one of a kind Head cover that was hand made from Delilah Harvey from
Made of Nomex the same material use on firefighters turn out gear. The putter also comes with a Flanigan Bilt Putters, oil cloth / oil kit, to keep it’s finish.

The spec’s on this putter

  • Loft 3 degrees
  • Lie 72 degrees
  • Length 35
  • Swing weight D-3
  • Head wt. 335g
  • Shaft type True Temper, ridge flute (no step)
  • Shaft tip/butt .382 -.600
  • Shaft wt 105g
  • Grip Golf Pride 70g
  • Finish Gun metal
  • Toe Hang  (slight) 2:30
  • Head cover mat. Limited Edition Nomex


Putter Stroke Characteristics

There are a lot of putters on the market, some with a lot of toe hang, some with little toe hang, and others without toe hang (which the industry calls face balanced). I see a lot of people playing with face balanced putters that have an arc in their stroke. Most arc putters need toe hang, so that the toe weight releases the putter face square into the ball at impact. Without the toe hang their tendencies will be to push the ball. This also reverses to those with straight back and straight through strokes that use a toe hang putter; their tendencies will be to pull their shots. Of course we can learn to putt with anything, but why would we go against our natural tendencies to force the putter square at impact. Since putting is 43% of our score, and this is one element in the fitting process which is widely overlooked, so be sure that you are FITTED to your putter.