Putter Stroke Characteristics

There are a lot of putters on the market, some with a lot of toe hang, some with little toe hang, and others without toe hang (which the industry calls face balanced). I see a lot of people playing with face balanced putters that have an arc in their stroke. Most arc putters need toe hang, so that the toe weight releases the putter face square into the ball at impact. Without the toe hang their tendencies will be to push the ball. This also reverses to those with straight back and straight through strokes that use a toe hang putter; their tendencies will be to pull their shots. Of course we can learn to putt with anything, but why would we go against our natural tendencies to force the putter square at impact. Since putting is 43% of our score, and this is one element in the fitting process which is widely overlooked, so be sure that you are FITTED to your putter.