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Designed by Flanigan


This classic heel-shafted flange blade design is crafted from the finest stainless steel material. After experimenting with varying head weights Ken found that a 335 gram head, although heavier than most flange blade putters, provided optimal performance on any putting surface. Ken then adhered to tradition by keeping the face smooth and the center of gravity favoring the heel just a touch. With a full toe hang this putter is ideal for players who bring the club to the inside on their backstroke.

Product Specs

Dexterity:                            Right & Left Handed
Material:                             Stainless Steel
Finish:                                Brush / Black Nitrate
Weight:                              335g
Length:                              34.5in. or custom
Loft:                                   3°
Lie:                                    70°
Head Cover:                     Included

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