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The Model 64 is a modern interpretation of the classic heal-shafted flange blade. The development of the Model 64 was driven by the success of our original 'Designed By Flanigan' putter. By combining a lower center of gravity in the slightly heavier flange style of the 'Designed By Flanigan' with the soft forged carbon steel and milling techniques used in the Model 66,66L and 87 Ken has developed what may be the finest flange blade ever made.

Product Specs

Dexterity:                               Right Handed Only
Material:                                Carbon
Finish:                                   Cesuim

Weight:                                  345g
Length:                                  34.5in or custom
Loft:                                       3*
Lie:                                        70°
Type:                                     Blade
Toe Hang:                             Full
Head Cover:                         Included

Model 64

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