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Model 66


Flanigan BiLT Putters in their designs tries its best to give these putters clean and classic looks as well as displaying homage to the great putters of the past while improving on innovation. This putter, of course, pays tribute to the 1966 Anser. An updated version of our popular FB1, the Steel Clover Series Model 66 is a classic heel-toe weighted blade with an offset L-neck. This mid-toe-weighted putter is ideally suited for players with a light to moderate arc in their putting stroke. We have shortened the hosel this year, which provides a more ground-hugging look at address and helps prevent players from setting up closed (the most common setup fault with this hosel style). By shortening the hosel, increasing the onset and widening the sole, the Model 66 helps the player with the trailing dominate eye set square to the target. The result is a very classic looking heel-toe blade that combines the look players love with the performance benefits of having a perfect center of gravity and grooves that put a true roll on the ball.


Innovation L-Hosel on Model 66 (Break in Science)

When updating our popular FB1 we wanted to bring true innovation to the most popular putter style - the heel/toe balanced blade with L-neck (plumber's) hosel. After performing over 1000 fittings with high-speed cameras, ultrasound, and laser equipment, we have found that a high percentage of players aim left at address with this neck style. These putters are generally milled with a 2 degree hosel angle at set up. In layman's terms, the hosel will have a forward press built into the shaft at proper address. This 2 degree angle optically throws off the face angle and causes many players to line up about 2 degrees closed at address which generates pulled putts. This is especially true for trailing eye dominate players (the vast majority of players are trailing eye dominant). By shortening the hosel by over a 1/2 inch and increasing the onset by a fraction, we have taken that optical geometry out of the visual setup at address. We did this without sacrificing head weight and the full shaft offset that players love.

Product Spects

Dexterity:                                     Right Handed Only

Material:                                      Carbon

Finish:                                         Cesium

Weight:                                       355g

Length:                                        35in. or custom

Loft:                                             3*

Lie:                                             71

Head Cover:                            Included 

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