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Model 87


Flanigan BiLT Putters in their designs tries its best to give these putters clean and classic looks as well as using very soft forged carbon steel. The Model 87 is an heel shafted half mallet with a heavier toe weight for players with moderate to large arc in their putting stroke. The Model 87 features a squared off toe and top line to that sets up very square at address.

The heel-toe weighting expands the sweet spot. After thousands of fittings, we have designed this putter with the proper placement of the center of gravity both vertically and horizontally, which has created top spin while defusing skid and backspin after impact. The heel shaft features a very slight offset to accommodate players who like to use a forward press.

Innovation on Model 87

We have added precise draft to the sole of the Model 87 design from the leading edge to the trailing edge so the putter sets up square and tight at address without feeling you need to manipulate your hands forward like you see on most popular brands of this head design. Therefore, the Model 87 makes it easier to get into the proper launch angle at impact to promote top spin while making distance control a cinch.

Product Specks

Dexterity:                            Right Hand Only

Material:                             Carbon

Finish:                                Cesium

Weight:                               365g

Length:                               34.5in. or custom

Loft:                                    3*

Lie:                                     70

Head Cover:                       Included

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